About Us

Penny Packs was founded in 2016 when six year old Penelope Stowell started selling homemade handbags that she designs and sews on her own! In the first year of operation PennyPacks has sold over 200 bags!

The bags are named for the person that inspired the design- if you have an idea send it along and you may see a bag named for you.

As Penny is still perfecting her techniques and skills each bag has flaws and these imperfections inspired the company's motto:
Each One Unique and Perfectly Imperfect!

Penny Packs on the News
In September 2016 the local news ran a story about
Penny Packs!
Check It Out!

My Bag Inspiration of the Month

My Mom!
My mom Debi is the one who taught me to sew and encouraged me to follow my dream of making my own bags,  She helped me get my business going and helps me in so many ways-  She does all of this while working and taking care of my sister and I so I made her the Super Mom bag so she can keep going with everything right at hand!